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Originally Posted by footie View Post
The new 997.2 Turbo has features that aren't available on the R8, like PDK, but the balance is still superior in the Audi, it's far more forgiving at and near the limit.

Would I like BMW to builda supercar?

I suppose I would, though I doubt I would ever be it's client. BMW need to get on board with the competition, at present they are the only German brand not offering one in their lineup and yet they (apart from Porsche) are the most sporty of these main manufacturers. Problem is that I don't think BMW can produce one at the moment unless it plays the green card.
this is the only way i think they will be able to compete (with supercars) but i dont necessarily agree with the need to enter the game. bmw is a luxo sports company and if it were to make a super styled monster (the m6 and m5 are not this, they are in a different class in my opinion) then i think it would divert from their image.