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Originally Posted by REP1KRR View Post
I don't buy it. We already have the side shot? Well, we also had a front shot too, given all the latest mule signtings. And if you are referring to the CAR magazine/Autoweek images, we already had clean shots of those angles as well, but that hasn't stopped you from working on your 3rd front shot now. I agree there are a couple loose details on the rear, but that didn't stop you when doing your front shots. I think we have plenty to go off of - but that's just my observation.

Your work is amazing. I have ZERO doubt that you could pull off a rear and a side shot given the information available.

The CAR/Autoweek images were completely computer generated. He's saying he doesn't want to base his photoshop off anything that isn't a real photograph captured detail. Alpine wants to keep it as real as possible and without taking any artistic license. He may have taken a little liberty with the side grill on one of his photoshops, but besides that I don't see any images where he hasn't based it off of real photographs.

There aren't only a couple of loose details regarding the rear. The only portion that has ever been exposed in the rear is the mesh part. Otherwise, it's been completely covered up the entire time. Why are we forcing poor alpine325ci to do photoshops or something he doesn't want to do?
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