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M3 Prototype Vid/pic

So i was going home once again, and there she is again, the new M3 prototype being tested..The guy that was driving the car was a big prick, big fat prick to be exact lol. So i pull next to him to ask him a Question and the guy just puts his window up and Put his Visors to the side on both sides, so that i was not able to take a picture of his face...i wasnt even trying to take a pic of his face but okay lol, so i got annoyed with that and started tail gating him and cutting him off here and there, im sure he was annoyed. I finally stopped following him,so he can pass by and i can record the engine sound.Later today im sure i will see it again, i finally got my camera in the car so i will be able to take HIGH RESOLUTION PICS/ are some pictures and videos for your entertainment :-P :rocks: