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I've got about 300 miles on these now, 200 miles highway up/down from LA. I pushed them a bit this weekend. Here's my opinion so far..

- Definitely hear more road noise than the PS2's, though that may decrease as they wear in.
- Cornering, squealing a fair bit, but I don't think they're broken in fully yet.
- Stickiness/Confidence, I took my regular freeway interchange at the same speed as I would with the PS2s and these felt as good.
- turn in, these tires are crisp, I'm running 275 all around, but sidewalls definitely feel stiffer. I used to get that rollover on sharp turns with the PS2's, I get the squealies with the vreds, but not the squirrelies.
-Looks, might be just the new rims, but today I got 2 compliments about how "sick" the car looked. Stock except apex Arc-8 18x10 rims and the 275/35/18 vreds. M3s are common in my area.

I have autox next weekend on this setup and hope to get a track day in very soon, so I'll post back.
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