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Originally Posted by ThorPR View Post
Sorry about that...
Just one last tip, and you may already know this. Watch out for Adenauer-Forst, that corner is notorious for catching first timers off guard. If you don't know where that corner is, it is where I almost killed that biker in the video I tagged in this thread. As with a lot of the turns on the track, it is a late turn-in. Most guys get it wrong and end up busting up their suspension when they run out of pavement and crash up into the white and red. Just do a search on youtube for "adenauer forst crash", pretty entertaining. My wife and I used to make the hike up there with our picnic basket and lawn chairs to watch people crash. Its a German pass time.

Actually, just thought of another tip. Try to hit the Ring on a weekday, you'll get a much clearer track. They usually open the track up from 1700 to 1900.

I'm heading to Afghanistan tomorrow, yay :P Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to hit the Ring on block leave