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Originally Posted by ganeil View Post
President Bush's approval rating depends almost entirely on the public's perception of how the war is going in Iraq. Clearly the last few months have seen a marked increase in violence in Iraq and many Americans are frustrated by this. Thankfully we have a President who appreciates the fact that fighting a war is hard and success in war requires flexibility and endurance. The enemy changed its tactics on us last year and it has taken us too long to respond to that change but that is the nature of war. I would hate to think of what this country or the world would look like if the US threw in the towel at every military setback.

As for the economy, I am curious to know what economic benchmarks you use to judge it as anything less than stellar? Unemployment low, wages up, inflation low, interest rates low, growth strong and steady, stocks high, what more do you want?

One further point about this horrible economy since you seem obsessed with public opinion.
U.S. Workers Expect Strong Job Market in 2007
December 20, 2006

U.S. workers are quite optimistic about their job prospects and the employment market for 2007, as nearly eight in ten (78 percent) expect the situation to be as good as, if not better than, this year. Attesting to their faith in the market, 39 percent of workers already indicate that it is very or somewhat likely that they will be actively seeking a new job in 2007. This is according to a new survey by Hudson.
WOW, and you call me IRRATIONAL...

It has a lot to do with Iraq, but his approval rating is low in EVERY category -- economy, every day life, Iraq...everything. Actually, only Nixon has hit lower in last 50 years of any president. Even (impeached) Clinton has never dipped below 37%!

OK, you will forget again another important thing -- Bush was saying -- "Stay the course", do not change anything until he lost the Senate and House. Only then, he desided to change his approach. And people were unhappy with Iraq for months before that.

Last year???? What are you talking about??? THere was violence in Iraq since the Dummie landed on the carrier in 2003...

You look at the numbers. Inflation is calculated using many, many pointers, most of which do not apply to the regular person. What I care about is the cost of living -- milk, bread, food, gas, electricity, property taxes, medical insurance, car/property insurance... Those are the only indicators of inflation for a regular (middle class) person. Everything on my list above has gone much, much more than 3.5% up, and the salaries definitely did not follow closely. Therefore, do not be fooled by the numbers

Unemployment -- again, you're looking at the data wrong. If I am an engineer and could not find job in my area, I had to start working in a local grocery store or so, therefore -- I am working to survive. Bush logs that as employed, but that is very different

Stock markets -- are at their highest, but as I mentioned many times -- look at the lows of the majors -- MSFT, INTC, IBM, TXN, ADI, GE...they did not gain 100% from the lows as did Dow and NASDAQ. THe economy artificially looks good -- it is not. I work for one of those majors and last 2 quarters we're on hiring freeze, and restricted travel, etc...but our numbers look great on paper...

Interest Rates -- low rates do not indicate good economy (see rates 4 years ago). We will see what will happen soon when the ARM and Interest Only terms expire...

Wages -- are up slightly! The actual income FELL by 3.4% from 2000 to 2003. Now, we're trying to catch up ( Average Tech salary increase for the year is ~3%, where there was no inclrease or was a drop 3 years ago.

I am not sure where are you getting all that nice picture about all that...