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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
It is not that hard to get the hp, especially for a company who make as good engines as BMW. Here are some of the better hp/l #s around:

Honda S2000: 120
E46 M3: 103
E60 M5: 101 (probably more like 106 based on actual performance, engine is widely regarded as underrated)
F430: 112
RS4: 101
GT3: 115

And just for comparison purposes (not really fair since only 1 liter and much easier to get massive revs: redline = 13,500)
Yamaha R1 sportbike: 180 hp/l

If the displacement stays at exactly 4.0 liters, BMW offers no advances to the M5 heart of the new engine AND the redline stays at 8k even, we can count on 404 - 424 hp. I doubt output is the problem, if any.
Honda S2000 - 2.2L 237HP (Most recent one) and it comes out to be 108hp/l...not 120hp/l
How did you get that number?