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AFP reported on 1 February that the German intelligence service BND reportedly has evidence that Iraq's mobile laboratories are capable of producing chemical and biological weapons, according to a 3 February report in the German weekly magazine "Focus." The report notes that the laboratories are hidden in trucks that appear completely normal on the outside and that the Iraqi government even purchased equipment for the labs in Germany, AFP noted. Germany took over the presidency of the UN Security Council from France on 1 February.


Jose Maria Aznar told the Spanish news agency Europa Press that he has confidential information which proves the Iraqi regime of President Husayn represents a threat to "peace, world security, and to Spain," according to a report on the website of "El Pais" ( Aznar told Europa Press that all governments "Have information that Saddam Husayn's regime, from the biological and chemical weapons it has and its links to terrorist groups, does in effect represent a threat to peace, to world security, and to Spain. We have sufficient evidence to that effect," Aznar said. (Kathleen Ridolfo)

Assessment of Iraq's Capabilities

On the eve of the war, Israeli intelligence on Iraqi capabilities resembled its counterparts in the United States and other Western countries. It had not received any information regarding weapons of mass destruction and surface-to-surface missiles for nearly eight years, since the defection of Kamel Hussein led to the discovery of the Iraqi biological program, other than the informed suspicion that Iraq was deceiving the international community regarding its program for developing longer range Sumud surface-to-surface missiles in claiming that they were permitted by UN resolutions.

The intelligence community had to choose between two alternative assessments. The first was that Iraq still had SSM and WMD capability and continued to maintain related projects, but had succeeded very adeptly at concealing them, and therefore the intelligence-gathering means of Israel and the Western world were unable to uncover them. The second explanation was that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the UN inspection commission (UNSCOM) succeeded through great efforts in disarming Iraq of weapons of mass destruction and long-range ballistic missiles, as well as preventing the resumption of their development and Iraq's armament until 1998. After supervision by these bodies was halted in that year, Iraq decided not to renew its activity in these areas, at least at that time, out of fear of the response of the United States and the international community were such activity to be revealed. Israeli intelligence adopted the first explanation without any signs of doubt regarding its validity.
See above...
Again an empty shot...
I could make the Chem and Bio stuff in my garage...
The spanish guy says he got some Intel...he could have gotten it from the Brits or so...does not prove anything.
As for the comment...