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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Ganeil, although I completely disagree with your views, I did point out many times that I really enjoy going against you here and listening to your views. You obviously do not enjoy listening to the views against Bush and his admin.
Well, maybe you're right and (NOW ALREADY) 70% of Americans are wrong. Maybe 90% of the World is wrong. Maybe 90% of the World "envy" us on our standards of living and that is the reason they disagree with our foreign politics??? BS!!!

Bush has done it wrong from the beginning -- from his very first speach after the 911 events -- Axis of Evil. Now, because of that speach we have 2 dictatorships with nukes developed and the third country that is in complete chaos and ruins.
On top of all that, we have American population that is clearly unhappy with the leadership and the war in Iraq.
We have the record deficit for a few years in a row.
We're happy now that the gas is <$2...but most of us forget that a few years back it was <$1 (sure, it was more than $2 20 years ago, too)...
Bush won the previous election with the motto that Kerry was a flip-flopper. Look at him now- he lost the Senate and the House and -- flip-flop...then he realized all of the sudden that things are not going right in Iraq. Then, but previously ignored the fact that 3000 of our soldiers are dead and 300,000 of Iraqis are dead.
The economy is definitely NOT strong at all. The stock market is not a good indicator of it. Looks at the major corporations -- most of them on hiring freeze, pay increases less than the official inflation ratio, Future outlooks are not that great. Actually, most of the big companies stock did not come back that much from 4 or 5 years ago.
And then, Bush has made our lives filled with the terror fears and this war. The USA, this huge power did not move forward in last 6 years...we're sitting where we were prior to 911 and all we hear about is this damn Iraq war and Bin Laden's brother being killed and crap like that.

I don't get it where you get all that positive stuff about Bush and current admin??? And then, why is 70% of us and the rest of the World uninformed about that???

ANyway, you can continue with your ignorant comments about my hatred for the President. I don't hate him, I just want him and his ideas out of our lives. He's done nothing good for our country and enough is enough...
I also enjoy our discussions, on global warming for instance, but on this issue you are irrational. You continue to present unsubstantiated conjecture as fact (Bush knew their was no WMD) and conspiracy theories as reasonable causes for world events. You have repeatedly shown yourself incapable of accepting substantiated facts that conflict with your pre-conceived notions.

I simply do not wish to waste my time discussing this issue with you any longer.

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