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Originally Posted by MERCSUk153 View Post
I am just letting you know of some common problems as I did not have a good experience with MB with my 3 cars. I had a 2001 S430, 2003 E500 and a 2001 C320. My friend had the E55 and he had the heatsoak problem. From the years 2003-2007 MB had the lowest reliability rating by a fair margin over Audi and BMW.
I am a mercedes fan, turned to a loyal BMW owners now. I like the driving dynamics of BMW better than Mercedes personally, but I do think Mercedes as a company is a much better car manufacturer than BMW, but that is another story.

But I must say, from what I know, your 3 Mercedes cars were really the model years that had lots of problems. 2001 C320 was the first year model car with lots of problems (I got an 02 C240 and absolutely problem free for 90k+ miles.) The pre-facelift S class and E class both had lots of problems, but they were mostly fixed after the face lift was applied to them.

I feel for you, and I wouldn't get another mercedes if I were you, but you just happened to hit 3 bad model/year scenarios one after another.