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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
I read somewhere that the EPA does not use the Start/Stop feature in their testing and calculations yet...
Yep and that is why you will not see it on a US non-hybrid. Start/Stop is EU only. BMW needs to do these things for emissions numbers, just the brain trust in the US has not realized that start/stop helps lower emissions. The 08-10 M3s do not even have brake energy regeneration like the ROW has... when BMWNA releases the official info we will learn if the BER is added for the US, I am almost willing to bet my car that auto start/stop will not be in the US as it is expensive and gives them no benefit what-so-ever in emissions which is the only reason to offer it.

All the CF pieces (minus the roof) are accessories and not part of any package or from the factory.

The ZCP wheels are 19X9 and 19X10 from everything I have.... but who knows.