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Originally Posted by MERCSUk153 View Post
The E55 is definitely fast but that car has some serious faults.
1. the first major one is the SBC braking system. Go to some MB forums and search for SBC failure. When this happens it means no brakes. On most cars when you have a brake failure you would still have braking to all 4 wheels but on MB SBC you only have braking to the 2 front wheels. Many have said they really felt no braking happen when the SBC braking system went out on them.
2. Heat soak and supercharger shutdown. I think for daily driving this is less of an issue but for more agressive driving it could be a problem.
3. Doesn't handle like the much smaller 335i or the S4.
4. Those messaging seats become a niusance sooner or later because the motor for the bolsters become pretty noisy.
5. Many other problems with MB cars as I did have 3 of them and all 3 were lemons hence no more MB for me thank you.

I am just letting you know of some common problems as I did not have a good experience with MB with my 3 cars. I had a 2001 S430, 2003 E500 and a 2001 C320. My friend had the E55 and he had the heatsoak problem. From the years 2003-2007 MB had the lowest reliability rating by a fair margin over Audi and BMW.
+1 AMG's are a PITA to own. PITA!!!!!
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