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Originally Posted by JC919 View Post
I wonder if the front splitters are merely two carbon pieces placed on top of the old bumper or if this is an entirely new bumper to incorporate end pieces? I kinda like it, however, I feel that the middle of the bumper doesn't come down low enough so it seems somewhat out of proportion from an aesthetic point of view.

I like the spoiler except for that hole in the center rear. If its effective, than I'd definitely get one and probably paint it white.

I look forward to some more detailed pics.
Originally Posted by 3XTR3M3 View Post
Im pretty sure the splitters are an add-on to the current bumper. In the up-close pics it looks like its laying over the bumper opposed to sitting flush. Also, having these as an add-on would be super cost effective for BMW.

Could be wrong but Im really hoping its an add-on so I can get em
They are just carbon fiber flaps, so should just attach to the factory M3 bumper
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