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Finally bought a car! not a bmw though

So last night i went to go test drive this 07 335i coupe iv been interested in for the last week and a bit, iv test driven it already just wanted to go for another ride before i put my money down tonight on it, i go to start it and guess what, 1 crank,2 crank and finally starts so im thinking ok forget this and the hpfp failure pops into my head. Bmw im really disapointed in you, i absolutly love everything about the 335i,exterior,interior, performance and ease of modifications but i cant wrap my head around spending 33k for a car with problems like this, i thought i could but just seeing it happen first hand to me on a car i dont even own yet just makes me think of the headaches to come and has detered me from my purchase,on a lighter note i took a stroll over to the local mercedes dealership and low and behold they had a gorgeous 06 e55 amg on the lot. i took it out for a test drive and this car is a whole different level of fast,if you think the 335i is fast try a amg e55,what a rocket! the interior was amazing nice and had so many cool little functions i was so impressed even with it being a 06, massaging seats,heated and ventilated seats,4 way climate control, dynamic seats that measures g forces and snugs up the boltsers to hold you in, and the airmatic suspension is pretty sweet too with the different settings and able to raise the car up with push of a button,needless to say i purchased this car and i think ill be more then happy, im still a bmw fan though but if anybody can get the chance to drive a e55 amg trust me do it!,this cars a whole different animal and 600rwhp isnt to hard