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Originally Posted by JayKay335i View Post
On the flip side, I could see this as a second car that is a track and street beast that you just plan to mod the hell out of and make a fun weekend driver. But as a DD, no way.

Yeah, those launches are bad ass.

Originally Posted by WhoU4 View Post
Ah, until you pass the "Stang" in the corners... without some suspension mods they become rolling bricks in the corners. I have a friend with a 2007 GT500 who was following me through some back road slick corners and he mentioned that his GT500 just didn't feel stable enough to keep up. He plans on lowering the car and adding heavier Anti-sway bars in hopes to make it hold in the corners.

Still... that Mustang video looks like a hell of a fast ride going straight.
Better hope those corners come up fast and if there is any kind of significant straight away....cornering won't matter cuz you'll be that far