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Originally Posted by ganeil View Post
I would not say that Saddam did a great job at all. There were active insurgencies in both the north and the south protected by some extent by the no-fly zones.

There was incorrect information on WMD in great measure because of the actions and inactions of the former Iraqi regime. Saddam was attempting to have it both ways, trying to get the sanctions lifted while maintaining the deterrent he believed WMD provided him against his neighbors.

You speak as though Saddam did not have WMD, he did and used it repeatedly against the Iranians and his own people. You seem to imply that it was only the US that believed Saddam maintained a stockpile of WMD, every intelligence agency in the world did. In large part because Saddam refused to comply with the demands of the applicable UN Security Council resolutions that required the destruction of his stockpiles under the supervision of the UN inspectors. So do I feel we owe anyone an apology, absolutely not.

I will also put this as tactfully as possible but the last thing the US, or any nation, should base its foreign policy decisions on is how it looks to people in other countries.
Let me start from the bottom -- so you endorse this cowboy-ism our Government promoted in last 6 years -- who cares about the other 6 billion people, we own the world...

Saddam did have the WMD -- some mustard gas and VX and crap like that. He did murder many citizens of Iraq with it -- about 10,000 of them or so. Therefore, they should have dealt with him. He did not hurt or murder any of us. We did murder many of Iraqi citizens, too -- possibly more than Saddam did -- but, hey, we're protected, we just call them a Colleteral Damage and all is cool.
By the way, we're still the ONLY nation in the history of human kind that relentlesly used the WMD in 1945 and in a few seconds wiped more than 250k innocent lives in Japan! Why are we allowed to have the WMD? Especially with the latest War record...

Saddam was bad, no doubt, but again -- only to his people (and Kuweit at one point). But, he did allow some (so called) inspectors to walk around his country for years. He allowed some "no fly zones" for more than 10 years in his country. H Blix clearly came with the report saying NOTHING! Physics and Chemistry then proved there was nothing -- not possible to hide it in 90 days and clean the traces (when we occupied them).

Finally, do not involve other nations and UN into this crap. Bush has used KNOWINGLY the wrong info for this war. He used a 12-year-old resolution (as you're using it too) to justify UN support. In reality, he only had Tony Blair support and some 3rd world nations needing $$$$ to survive support.

Show me "EVERY" nation's intel reports, show me anything but British and US, and I may believe in it...