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Ferrari Enzo content inside.

Just picked it up a couple days ago. I feel like I'm about 11 years old all over again.

FXX......this is for the race has no mirrors or anything else to get ripped off while racing.

It's pretty fast. I have a whole slew of upgrades for it I need to put in. I have an AWD motor made for the AWD chassis with a lot more torque which honestly is the last thing this car needs, it's pretty tail-happy to begin with.

The chassis is a mid-engine MR-02 I think. There's a few other shells that fit.

It has upgraded springs and a 6-degree toe bar. It has a machined aluminum rear differential. Rechargeable batteries, beefed up front suspension. Really nice setup, my only gripe is they put an Enzo on a chassis with a solid rear axle. But it handles pretty well.

I wished they made an E28 M6 shell for these cars, that is my favorite BMW of all time, I'd sell my soul and my house for one.
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