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We just got a ton of snow in NY once it clears I'll take some group pics.

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awesome write up and congrats on the new toy.
What's your thoughts on the ZR1 and the Italian toys?
I've been a fan of import cars ever since my 1986 Chrysler Le Baron died. lol. I remember hitting a pothole and watch my chrome spoked hubcap spinning down the road beside me. My girlfriend was like, I think your wheel fell off. lol. My next car was a 1992 Prelude Si. I never went back to domestic. If the Focus RS was here, I'd definately be rockin that.

I always like Vettes but never pictured myself in one. I wish I had one for the track though. They are just monsters down the straight. Instructors emphasize cornerspeed but having a big ass pushrod V8 down the staights sure makes up for any slight mistakes taking a corner.

I'm still dreaming about one day having a Ferrari or Lambo. They are just way too expensive for me at this point to enjoy it. At those prices, I'll prolly be thinking about resale, mileage, depreciation, etc and not have any fun with it which is the whole point of owning it. One day maybe.

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