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Originally Posted by southlight View Post
That's pretty impressive. I see some relation to the technology of BMW's Vision Efficient Dynamics. Major difference is the use of a flywheel as power source.

I'm convinced that we'll see something similar in future BMW models...

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Thanks for moving this...yeah, it belongs here.

RE: something similar in BMW, I think Footie may have alluded to that at some point along the way as well. I hate to say it (I'm kind of a purist), but I expect you're both right.

If this were done correctly (e.g. hybrid boost for city driving, or for overtaking with end-user control) I could see it not being too intrusive in performance oriented driving. How you'd not mess around with braking feel is the trick would think that when the flywheel spins up you'd "feel" it. Maybe not. (Braking in a hybrid really stinks for performance oriented driving at present.) If the flywheel gets around this, then again, maybe performance driving dynamics wouldn't suffer too much.

It seems this is one way car makers can keep higher power vehicles on the road while meeting CO2 and fuel economy restrictions.