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I remember...When I first fall in Love w' a Bavarian

Imagine a tiny Mediterranean Island in Greece where any other car you ever saw in your life was another French 0.6L, or those little tiny Daihatsu's or anything for that matter south of 1 Litter of Displacement.

Then one day at age of 12 while on your 4 mile walk back home from school something unusual happened, A roar like no other is becoming louder and louder, your heart races, you're wondering WTF is that for the longest time since you can hear it from miles away for so long, then as you make your way up the heel this ground menacing loyalty appears with its headlights popped up and stops you cold, mouth and eyes wide open, books on the ground, heart bounces against the chest.

That's exactly what it was for me the first time I saw the 850 CSi (ALPINA B12 Version) Driven by the owner of the biggest resort on my Island of Samos.

Sad to admit, but although there have been quiet some very nice models not one of them has made me feel the same way I felt for the 850 CSi that one spring day.

(EXCEPT for that one that Never made it, The "1991 BMW Nazca C2")

Eternal love at first sight.
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No, it's not new. It got 150.000+ miles on it

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