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The GTR does have EDC but the comfort mode was hardly that. The suspension was already hard then you add 20's with run flats, you're gonna have a rough ride. It's harsher than the MR and the GT3. For me that's just too harsh. As Automobile magazine put it. There's way too much R and not enough GT. I never got to "launch" my car. I was following the break in and also didn't want to have to worry about the transmission down the road. Why people were launching it, I will never understand. In R mode, the standard "safe" launch was crazy enough.

Aside from a small Ralliart decal, my Evo isn't modded . It's becoming such a rare sight to see an Evo's engine bay with a standard air filter box. It's quick but definately needs more punch that a downpipe intake and tune would fix but I love her the way she is As you previous Evo owners know, steering, shifting and heel toe driving is a dream in that car. The GTR rev matches for you, and the GT3's brake pedal is even higher than the M3's for heel toe on the road . I'd have to be on a track and be mashing the brake pedal to be able to do so.

The RS would have been a great but there no more allocations. There aren't even any more std GT3 allocations. The only way would be to wait until the car arrives and the buyer backout. Which is what my GT3 was. By then you'd have to wait another year or so before they would even discount it.

If I had a spare set of snow tires, the M3 can do most of what the others can do and look good doing it. But you guys already figured that out.

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