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Forgot to mention that the dealer also told me that the 7MA Competiton Pack would be considered a "special order" with an additional $400 charge.

Here is what they say is in it:

"Package for drive dynamics optimisation:"

- Exclusive 19" M light alloy wheels - Y spoke 359M;
- Front: 9J x 19: 245/35 R19
- Rear: 10J x 19: 265/35 R19
- Lowered Suspension (approc 10mm).
- No EDC mentioned...

I feel kind of stuck having to get all my info through my SA. I noticed that some of you deal with BMW NA directly and some have contacts in Germany. How did you swing that?

I am learning a hell of a lot more through this forum than I am from the dealer... Thank God this is here, at least...