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Angry Buyers Beware!!!!

i just bought rdashing angel eyes from from i installed it; it looked beautiful at night but it flickers everytime i open my doors and it was definitely not daytime visible. I messaged regarding the problem i was having which was flickering and not daytime visible, the guy derrick offers me some DTEC angel eyes promising me its way better than the previous one i order. In my head im like sure why not, ill give it a try. The usual i sent the rdashing lights back and received dtec lights a week later. So as i was installing the dtec lights the wires didn't connect as you would hear the click noise when its properly clicks. it was puzzled me for a while, but i still installed it hoping it will work so it did. I turned on my car during the daytime, absolutely NOT DAYTIME VISIBLE WORSE THAN MY PREVIOUS ONE I ORDERED. I message derrick the guy that takes care of order telling him why is the wiring lose, he tells me that i have to put a lil bit of tape on it. IN MY HEAD, TELLING MYSELF WHY THE HELL WOULD I PUT TAPE IN THE HEADLIGHT ASSEMBLY ESPECIALLY WHEN ITS A BMW TOO . I also even told him it was worse than i previous ordered he told me that was IMPOSSIBLE. TELLING ME THE "CUSTOMER" THAT IM WRONG WHEN I INSTALLED THEM MYSELF. AT THIS POINT I WAS FRUSTRATED I TOLD HIM STRAIGHT UP I WANTED A REFUND. AFTER I TOLD HIM THAT HE IGNORED ALL MY MESSAGES MY EMAILS. I CALLED MY BANK AND TOLD THEM THEY REFUSED TO GIMME MY REFUND. MY BANK IS CURRENTLY WORKING ON IT. I AM GOING TO HIRE A SMALL CLAIM LAWYER TO HANDLE THIS MATTER. EVEN THOUGH ITS ONLY 180 BUCKS to me, it was the principle of not giving back my refund. i would of been happy if he worked something out with me i wouldnt ordering other stuff to cover the 180 .. BUYERS BEWARE OF e92-LIGHTING.COM