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Originally Posted by Romo View Post
That depends on the fact how many HP BMW wants from the V8, I agree 424 isn`t the problem, they could produce easaly that amount off HP.
I think the problem is the fact that BMW wants 440-450 HP from the 4.0 V8, there is where the challenge is for the new M3. Make the best engine world wide, set a new, verry high, standard for NA engines and leave competitors like the Audi RS4 ( too my best knowledge has a 4.2 Liter engine) way behind
I really think the GT3 has set the new benchmark for HP/liter. They are claiming 415 HP, but the March 07 Car and Driver just tested the 997 GT3 against the 505 HP (and 60 lbs lighter) Z06 and the GT3 was only a smidge behind (0-60 in 3.8 vs. 3.6, 0-100 in 8.7 vs. 8.3 and 1/4 mile of 12.0 @ 118 vs. 11.8@ 122).

As a reference, the normal C6 Vette with 400 HP that weighs just 40 lbs more than the GT3 does 0-60 in 4.5, 0-100 in 9.8 and 1/2 mile in 12.8 @ 114.

C & D's conclusion was that the GT3's 3.6 is UNDERRATED at 415 HP, meaning it may be making even more than 115 HP/liter. Based upon the acceleration numbers I'd say 440 HP is more like it, which is a staggering 122 HP/liter!!

If Porsche can do it, then I fully expect BMW to have their 4 Liter making at least 440 HP!!:rocks:
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