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Got my mk2 GT3, sold the GTR still have the E92 M3 and Evo 9 MR. Here's my take.

The pricing was finally right so I picked up my 2010 GT3 from Schneider Nelson in Jersey. Ed is the man by the way. White with sport buckets, dynamic engine mounts and nav, sound chrno. Here's my 2 cents.

First off, of all my cars, the GTR is the fastest of the group. I don't care what anyone says about the GT3, the GTR is faster. I immediately found out when I took my first drive off the lot in the GT3. I stalled. hehe. That clutch is heavy . All kidding aside, in the GT3 I had the sense that I was in a go kart. Not just in steering and handling but I was aware that the engine was in the back, rear wheel drive and no weight in the front. For those who go kart, it's that immediate sense that you want to go fast to catch the guy in front but know that you'll spin out if you mash the gas in a turn. So every action I take is premeditated. Especially downshifting, entering a turn, etc. It's basicly what makes the GT3 so much fun.

My e92 is also a manual so the shifts are very long and loose compared to the GT3. The clutch pedal is also very soft in the M3 which I think is great since it's m daily driver. Someone said it best describing stepping on the M3 clutch was like stepping into whipped cream Steering on the M is a bit over assisted and though it feels nice, the steering wheel feels like I'm using a bagel to steer the car. To be honest the GT3 and M3 aren't cars that people cross shop so comparing them doesn't make too much sense. They are just too different beasts. You would think because it's an M it might be comparable but we all know the current M3 is a bit too soft, cushy and no longer the raw car it used to be.

Is the GT3 a daily driver? With the regular seats, maybe. The buckets, no. Getting in and out can be a pain when you slam your thigh into sidewall of the rigid bucket seat. The ride is perfect for a sports car though. Stiff but not harsh and definately no bite. The softer regular seats will add enough cushion to be able to drive in NYC.

I have taken the M to Monticello for a trackday and though it was fun, I don't think I'll be doing anymore trackdays with it. It was quick and I was able to pass a few 911's and a bunch of others but it wasn't thrilling.

Now before everyone thinks I don't like my M, I'd like to say that it is the best money I've ever spent. Will I get another? Is it one of my favorites and do I think it's great? Yes, yes and hell's yes. It does it all. While the GTR is now sold, the GT3 in the garage and the Evo sitting around waiting for snow, the M3 is with me when I go out, do road trips, run errands, drive to work, and when I do a trackday here and there.

Ok here are my preferences. If not listed, They stay home.

Tight Twisty two lane Road:

Evo. No other.

Twisty road:
1st: GT3
2nd: Evo
3rd: GTR

Wide open road:


Race track for laptimes and bullying:


Race track for fun:

1st: GT3,

Going out to the city with friends:

M3 Chicks just love this car.

Snow/Ski trips:


Steering handling shifting

1st: GT3
2nd: Evo. A very close second
Tie: GTR's steering and handling better but I can shift the M3.

Here she is

The M and Godzilla