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Update on the creatine supplements:

Yesterday at the gym I felt like a monster. I was pushing out the last reps on my 3rd sets like nothing. Usually my muscles give up at the end of my 3rd set and I have to drop weight to complete it, but now I just had extra 'pop' that blew right through that. I also found myself wanting to do an extra set of each work out. Oh boy! And today my energy level is through the roof. I assume this is the creatine as I've heard it provides extra energy in your workouts.

I'm interested to see if my size has increased any by the end of next week. It's inclusive in a mass gainer supplement, so I'm making sure to hit cardio after the weights so that mass goes to the right places. I worked like a SOB to get my stomach as flat as it is and while I want my legs, arms, back, & chest to gain size I want to keep my midsection thin and firm.
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