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Originally Posted by youyou View Post
and Israel does everything in it's power to not kill innocent people but hey enough is enough!!!
and what do we know about it actually???
I'll give you an example:
Yugoslavia war in 1999 (Kosovo thing). USA has requested to use Bulgarian airspace so that they can attack the very eastern parts of Serbia without flying over the whole territory. Bulgaria at first did not allow that. A "stray" accidental rocket hit the outskirts of Sofia (100 miles from the war zone) and injured the family of 4. Next day, the Bulgarian airspace was open for use...

China was complaining about the war in Yugoslavia. The USA sent tomahawks straight to the Chinese embassy in the very city of Belgrade (3 mil. people). And let me tell you something you could not hear on FOX or CNN -- I lived in Belgrade for 19 years. There was ABSOLUTELY nothing at that spot before Chinese embassy was built a few years before the attacks. The US claimed they used the old maps and by mistake killed 7 Chinese citizens...

Wars are dirty, politics is dirty. Don't tell me Israel is doing everything not to harm Lebanese or vice versa...that is a pure BS!