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Originally Posted by ehhhwik View Post
Israel defending themselves when they are being attacked is right, but Israel bombing the sh*t out of Lebanese cities and buildings and killing innocent civilians is wrong! The fact of the matter is, when Israel is provoked every time, they retaliate with very large force and hit extremely hard.

I think warfare between Israel and Iran is very unlikely, Iran will usually use its normal tactics of funding extremist groups in near by countries to provoke Israel, unless of course Israel decides to act first and attack Iran's nuke facilities, which is also unlikely because Israel never attacks first because USA will be against such actions and countries like China will not support Iran to strike Israel because of its demand of oil from the region and from Iran

Wait what do you call Lebanese Terrorists coming into Israel illegaly and kidnapping 6 soldiers and then slaughtering them??
I consider that as being attacked...
And when the Lebanese government supports these terrorists and they are part of the country's leasership then Lebanon as a country is responsible.
I don't condone the killing of innocent people and Israel does everything in it's power to not kill innocent people but hey enough is enough!!!