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Originally Posted by Couch View Post
LOL. If you want to call 28 early 20's, I won't argue.

Never throw away the little black book.

You have no idea man. When I first started 3 years ago I had to force myself to go 3 days a week. It's taken until late last year to go 5 days, and I enjoy it more than ever. I actually don't feel as good if I don't go.

Oh boy. 20-29 were my best years. If I could put those years on film it would be banned in 103 countries and Mars.
I cycle the black book. Just because I am older does not mean they have to be.

I am not taking breaks until my body tells me to. Chest, squats and some tri's today!!!

EDIT: Kubiak just got extended through 2012. Look out!

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