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Originally Posted by gonzo View Post

You are one of the most negative people on this board. If it is not regarding an M3 you pretty much just spew criticism. Never anything of real value or knowledge, just opinions. And no sense of class to boot it seems. But to each their own.

Have a nice day.
the exact same thing can be say about you as I don't see any knowledge or value from your posts other than porsche is good. if anyone read any of your posts, it is clearly you are a porsche fan and anything negative about this porsche turbo s is not ok with you.

don't forget, this is an m3 forum. just like you come on here praising porsche, everyone else have the right to criticize and praise m3. if you have a problem with that, then it is just your problem, not mine.

what exactly did I say to show no sense of class? Like "this porsche is not worth the money or not look special enough for the money"? what you said was just silly.

It is clearly you are utterly mad as soon as I void my opinion about this car and you started the attacking mode. this is exactly what no sense of class is all about.

it's funny, because after I posted, you went back and changed your original post to the one below. honestly no need to change it.

No problem. You would probably look silly in that Tiger anyway."

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