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As for Al Qaeda (or OBL), I cannot understand the logic to abandon the hunt when we almost had him and refocus completely on Iraq. Couldn't we send those 100k soldiers to Afghanistan/Pakistan border and finish the job??? Couldn't Iraq wait another 6 months or so??? I see that N Korea and Iran could not be occupied (stopped) in time, so... Or maybe they realized that there is no diplomacy with the USA and they had to expedite what they were doing??? THe question is did we really pushed them into making the nuke(s)???
Hehehe, all I know Doc, is that there are a isht ton of nuclear power out there. The question is, I hope this war in Iraq stops, cause the war binds every single country.

I can see it now, attack Iran cause they are developing nukes. NK gets all pissed off cause the source of $$ stops flowing from Iran. NK buys a nuke from.......I dont know.....China, fires it at Isreal. The US fires on NK, thereby killing some in China.....they get all pissy cause they were not informed of the attack and fire on NY (sorry lets pick Idaho, I feel sorry for New Yorker's) turn, its kills some Canadians and we just sit on the fence. :P