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The Germans were defeated before we even successfully tested the A-bomb. If you do not believe we can win, are you willing to accept the consequences of defeat?
Yes, I am willing to accept the consequences of defeat. Why you ask? You yourself mentioned that intel was incorrect, so why continue bashing that country when we were wrong in the first place? We were wrong , do whats right and pull out, its that simple. If there was a clear cut plan to win , well hell I would be willing to look at that, but there isn't, and realistically, there will NEVER BE A WINNING TACTIC.

Lets look at the consequences. Will there be another terrorist attack? HELL YEAH. If we stay , they will attack, if we leave they will attack. You cant fight a war on terror. The war on obesity sure didnt work. The war on poverty didnt work. I'm pretty sure the war on terror wont neither.

Look, I give you credit for standing with the minority, and I appreciate your views. You realize that sooner or later that this war will end with a pull out, democracy wants this. I see your point, hey, if I screwed around with my neighbours wife, and I know the husband is gonna kill me, I'd get to him first.
Its not right......but I'm still alive.