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Originally Posted by ganeil View Post
I supported the decision to invade Iraq in 2003.

I do not believe you "solve" a war, you win it or you lose it. Fighting a war is about adapting to the situation in a way that furthers the attainment of your objective. Our short term objective in this case is to stabilize Baghdad and it is possible that an increase of US combat forces as well as the other steps the Iraqi government and security forces will take will substantially reduce the current level of violence...
20,000 is just extra 20k targets. THis should have been done a long time ago, now there is too many of enemies over there. Now, we needed at least 5x that much to try to stabilize it.

Originally Posted by ganeil View Post
I believe that if we were to lose in Iraq, and that is what pulling out would be, it will embolden our enemies, greatly increase the power of our enemies and degrade that of our friends in a vital area of the world, and create a humanitarian disaster in Iraq..
Our enemies are much tougher today than ever before. And they have more motives to attack us than ever before.
Our friends -- there is not much left there except a few 3rd world countries trying to get some support from us and the UK (Gov't; citizens of UK do not support all this mess either).

Humanitarian disaster???? Are you kidding? At least 300,000 are dead in Iraq -- more than under Saddam (except the Iran War). It is a disaster there. People cannot freely walk on the streets -- either from us patrolling the streets or the insurgents blowing them up.

Originally Posted by ganeil View Post
No, I do not necessarily feel safer today than 10 years ago but 10 years ago I hadn't conceived that 3,000 Americans could die in a single day because they went to work one morning.
3000 people -- not (only) Americans (many of them were NOT Americans), but anyway... They did not die because they went to work, but because of their previous Government's medded up policies...