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Originally Posted by mofomat View Post
No you didn't. You said,

"Im sure you all are aware that the M3 will come with fog lights. its obvious that it will. if the E46 came with them then the E92 will also."


The car is driving around virtually undisguised, and unless I am mistaken, clearly in the FEP testing stage. Installing fog lights as a last minute addition will NOT be happening. This will affect the whole air flow to the brakes for cooling. The front air dam is a critical part of the car in terms of air flow. The designs for the E92 M3 have long been finalised. At this stage the manufacturing requirements will be finalised. The third party suppliers will be informed of the spec. The internal wiring to operate the fog lights will have to be changed. The designs for the dashboard will have to be changed. I could go on.

Do you honestly think BMW will decide to stick on a couple of fog lights just before launch?

Don't mean to have a go mate, but this post is very childish.

Now if you HAD said "the new M3 is clearly not coming with fog lights, would it look better with them", then this wouldn't be an issue.

OOOK next topic :finger: