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Originally Posted by 335fourdoor View Post
what achievement are you talking about with dare they charge this money for a car with nothing unique,no history and a single clutch auto manual that no one sells anymore.just because of carbon wooven tub?
you been getting too much sun in your vert.cover up. why would anybody buy that over 458 italia ? and still have enough to buy 911 tt is pathetic.
people in europe and in u.s will not buy this car .its domestic consumption only.
p.s. $375k for 354 pounds of torque.thats breaks down to $1060.00 per pound of torque. hahahaha
Listen wise guy the technology and materials used in the car speak for itself!
Go do some research before making pointless comments.

As for the article on the LFA, here it is ( I have added my thread on the LFA with reviews and comments):

Check it out, you dont understand the market for this kind of vehicle.
This vehicle can ONLY be leased from LEXUS for the first two years and NOT purchased lke any exotic out there available today!!!

And you cant even walk in and buy one, there is a list of clients from which lexus chooses to lease the LFA too!

The only other vehicle which I am aware off, which was sold this way was the Ferrari F50!

Only 150 handbuilt LFA are coming to North America~

Its not for people like you, who start to value it against other exotics and give that kind of reasoning like typically people do,
"...Dude oh you can buy 2 astons, or 1 ferrari and a porsche for that toyota..."

Its for people who already have a few exotics in there garage (including the ferrari, aston, lambo, maserati and bentley)
Because in the upper echelon of society these vehicles are a norm.

Driving a lexus supercar will be unique, special and definitely make a statement in that kind of society!

This is for someone who is adding on to his existing collection, this will perform better then a 599GTB Ferrari, has a higher top speed then the DBS and is faster than a gallardo!

Its a V10 Naturally aspirated motor that revs to 9000RPM

What else do you want?

The only other cars constructed of exotic materials such as this one, would be the Ferrari Enzo, Porsche Carerra GT, and compared to their MSRPS when they were new, this is peanuts at $375K

I understand where you coming from that its a lexus and all but this is just the begninning for there F line cars!

However, try to visualize this from lexus perspective, and who there target market is and why they have already sold the first year of its production!

If you remember the Mercedes SLR fell short of its production targets, because demand was weak! NOW who would have though that a merc and maclaren could have failed, but hey they did
They sold short of expected targets, and the SLR wasnt anything special either for its price point.