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just to add to the above..The IS-F is basically a gs460 engine, bored out to a 5.0 and tuned by yamaha. The transmisson is shared with the LS, however it first debuted in the IS-F, but I may be wrong on that. To all the lexus, toyota and IS-F hater out there..remember one thing..this is the first attempt by lexus to make a performance car that is only meant to com[ete with the M3 and C63, which it does. Just wait until the Gs-F comes out with 500+hp v10, I wouldl ove to see what all the hater have to say then.

I really dont understand where all this bashing is coming from. Some of your guys shou;d try to be car enthusiasts and not just bmw fanboys.I love my car but I can also appreciate the IS-F. M3/C63 performance for about 10-15k less