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I predicted split E36 M3 style mirrors back in November!

Don't worry about these looking not so hot. Damn, every new finding we have, bumper, flares, rims, mirrors, etc. almost EVERYONE gets all excited and bent out of shape saying "that's hideous", "I won't buy it", etc. Of course then two weeks (or one great p-chop) later everyone is saying , , etc.


From we know:
-These mirrors are not a p-chop
-These mirros still have some camouflage on them
-They look "way better" in person

I have a E36 M3 and have always loved this split/winged mirrors. You can see an E36 M3 coming a long way off because of these (they look pretty hot on the Ferarri Testarossa as well). I regretted (as well as many E46 M3 owners did) that my E46 M3 did not maintain this mirror design. I am happy to see them back.