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Originally Posted by 335fourdoor View Post
so you didn't do too bad with your toyota lsf for $60k+.
could be much worse with toyota lfa for $375k.
i wouldn't be able to handle thoughts of it sharing things with tercel,corolla.
There is one thing I cant stand, when ignorant people like you start talking about the LFA as a glorified toyotA with a $375K price tag.

The LFA is an achievement that no other automaker from japan has been able to acheive period!

Its one a kind and the first year orders have already been spoken for, its being sold similarly to Ferrari's F40. Check this article.

I am sure toyota took there sweet ass time in making sure everything is fine tuned on those vehicles!

The Ferrari's break down too buddy, the LFA will be much more reliable then most exotics in that category!!!

I understand one vents when he sees this crap about lexus/toyota and they claim to be at the top of the game, but no need to be unreasonable and judgemental on their halo car, which is worth a