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Originally Posted by Schumacher View Post

1. A 4.6L version of your engine goes into the US Tundra, Sequoia and Land Cruiser. (So, you've actually got a Pickup engine that's been breathed on by Yamaha )

2. Your Transmission is used on the Toyota Crown.

3. The chassis is shared with the Mark X and the Crown.

I thought i heard you say Toyota. Nothing about the US or Japanese markets. Surely, everything is a Toyota.
Its actually just shared with the LS600H and the ISF, so he was right

However, Toyota does share its engines with Lexus.

I mean every one does.

Ferrari shares with Maserati

VW shares everything from Bugatti to Lambo to Bentley
Many say the Flying Spur and Continental are based on the VW Phaeton, its true, but however the overall experience between them is different

BMW's 760Li V12 and Rolls Royce Phantom share the same V12, albeit the Phantom has a larger displacement of 6.75L as opposed to 6.0L in the 760.

Mercedes and Chrysler shared parts.

Everyone like someone suggested does this.

Sadly after seeing this I am terribly disappointed and I hope they correct the problem sooner or later

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