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On the Cummins, I think the ones that have fuel pump issues are the 1998.5 and later "24 Valve" Cummins. The '94 to '98 Cummins were all 12 valve motors with a Bosch P7100 mechanical pump. That particular engine, other than the "killer dowel pin", are bullet proof. Someone came up with a KDP fix with a jig, and that cured that problem.

I had a '98 Ram Cummins, bought with 98,000 miles on the clock. I sold it with 135,000 and had ZERO problems with the entire truck. I even cranked up the power with no ill affects. Factory crank HP was 180, mine dyno'd 250 at the wheels with less than $500 in upgrades. Factory PSI on the turbo was something like 16-17. I had mine turned up to 40.....

I also had a '95 Ram 1500 4x2. Never had any problems with it for the 3 years I owned it.

My current Dodge product is a 2003 Durango with 65,000 miles. No squeaks or rattles, and it is in great shape. A few minor problems that were all fixed under warranty (water pump at 30,000*, Reverse grear in tranny at 50,000.) Overall, I've been happy with it.

*PS - The water pump in 2007 335i shit the bed after 18,000 miles, so in that respect the Dodge kicked the BMW's ass......
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