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Originally Posted by 993 911 View Post
I frequently see both those cars, Mustang belongs to Marion County Sheriffs. I was cruising on I-5 SB going 2 over in the middle lane while multiple cars were passing me when I spotted a white Mustang flying up from behind. Decided I would get over a little earlier than planned (semi-truck ahead) to bring this guy's speed down about 60 MPH. Noticed it was a Sheriff when he nearly ran into my bumper, pretty sure he was going to sneak up on a SUV that blew by me. Never turned his lights on, but he was visibly pissed and took the next exit.

I got fooled by a plain white F150 on 26WB about 15 miles from Cannon Beach last summer, have to be extra careful these days (although he did let me slide with a warning since he didn't have an exact speed, a very courteous office).
I don't like the trend. I drive very alertly and am judicious in use of extreme excess speed (20 or more over). When you can't spot the spotters it takes much of the fun of the "game" away.

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