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M3 Individual MC Blue + ZCP Ordered

18 Feb.....BMW sent a new photoshop of the proposed car....attached on page 2 and shows a bit of the RB interior against the MCB exterior and GTS black wheels. Apologies about the coloring, might be a bit off. And the tires are dull. You'd have thought they could photoshop a shine. Geez!

So the day finally came. It's truly something I've been waiting for most of my adult (well 2nd childhood) life. Been a cop for 32 years and retiring alive, also turning 50 (the new 40 of course) this month. So it was time to fulfil the dream of owning an M3. Been talking about it for years and in January 2009 got in touch with BMW M directly and started the planning for an M3 that would truly be unique. After more than a year of e-mails back and forth (I lost track of the number, but there were lots of them), and one meeting locally - when my M Division client advisor represented BMW at the Toronto International Auto Show - I have to say that the BMW group (M, Individual & BMW Canada) have been the best people in the world to deal with. Makes sense because they make the best cars too!!

I joined the forums about a year and a half ago when I bought my 135 in anticipation of getting back to BMW and haven't looked back. Of course I snooped the M3 Forums and added comments & insights when appropriate and I've learned a ton from everyone here. So now my membership here is official - minus a few months of waiting of course - and I look forward to everything that this car and everyone here has to offer - for many years to come. Many sincere thanks for all the insights that I've gained.

So here's the car which I'm very thankful for because BMW has accomodated a whole bunch of "stretch" requests that they and BMW Canada have allowed:

- E92 M3 Coupe 6 MT
- Monte Carlo Blue with Carbon Fibre Roof
- Rust Brown Interior
- Shifter with ZHP shift knob
- Piano Black interior trim
- Competiton Package with GTS Matte Black Wheels
- High Gloss Shadowline
- High Gloss Shadowline trim (grills, gills, hood vents, exhaust tips but NOT the mirror caps, did NOT want these)
- All other options including Exec Pkg, M Drive Pkg, EDC, etc, etc.
- 4.4L motor from the GTS (O.K., just kidding on this one )

I've tentatively been scheduled for build during week 18 (1st week of May) but have my fingers crossed for something a bit earlier if BMW can find the space. Hoping to have it in early, early summer, complete the break in and then track it at Watkins Glen in August!!

Finally.....if you were wondering.....much like the Mastercard commercial, this car is going to be "priceless", so don't ask about the cost. To be very blunt, it was expensive but I've worked for it all of my life and a I did get my discount; all's fair in love and war and of course there's my favorite saying which helped justify the price...."you can't take it with you!!" It's going through Budd's BMW in Oakville, Ontario which is a fantastic place with exceptional service. Wouldn't have gone anywhere else for this car and the owner is a tremendous guy who casually told me today "If there are ever any concerns, you know where my office is". He's an Individual/performance enthusiast to boot!!!

My only question long will it take me to drive to IND??? The "bug" has already started!!!

So is this f'n exciting or what???????

Regards & thanks, Mark

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