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Originally Posted by rldzhao View Post
It's because the caliper is now fixed. When you go through corners your discs will deflect and push away the pistons. If the 'knock back' is significant enough you will feel like your brakes aren't working until you step on them again (or more).

Single pot sliders have inherent slack built in so that you cannot really feel the knock back as much.
I would definitely want to hear if anyone is having that issue. It would be completely unexpected as the calipers and strap drive discs both have features to eliminate pad knock back.

There are other offerings on the market that I do hear negative feedback on when it comes to knock back. All I can say is that over many years of development, there are certain tweaks that can be made to avoid it altogether. Well, at least until a wheel bearing starts to go!

The AP Racing calipers used in the Ferrari Challenge Stradale series in Europe are sold in two variants: Tight course (no knock back, but with some very light drag) and high speed course (no drag with some knock back allowed). Teams will run different calipers depending on which track they are running at.