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Originally Posted by tl_boy
i think caucasian should be changed to european becuz it can be anyone from north africa, europe, or parts of asia. Caucasians derived from the Caucasus mountains, which are more Asian than european... my parents are from north india/modern day pakistan (punjab) but our family would be considered caucasian by scientific standards. sorry to point it out but i've seen this word misused a bunch of times.
Is "caucasian " european? I am born in Sweden, Europe and have lived here in 50 years and have never heard that before. Is that an american word for european?

We read about the Caucasus mountains at school and it was definatly a part of Sovjet (Russia now adays?) and not Europe.

Are there any british or other europeeans with english as therir mother toung that can give a europeean explanation to me?