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Thanks guys for all the positive feedback!

BCA, I deleted the rear spoiler for a cleaner look (plus it's easier to wax and wipe dry, from my experience with my E39 M5).

Overlord, I totally agree -- I'm not planning to black out anything (nor add chrome, for that matter). I see no reason to do so (nor any reason to make it look meaner, more aggressive, etc).

BMRLVR, offer on the reflectors accepted -- will PM you. Amarone should look great with Moonstone. I decided I'd spent enough on the paint, so stuck with standard interior color. I have CSL reps waiting to be mounted (spacers on their way), so our new rides will look a lot alike on the outside -- as if we'll pass each other on the highway (lol).

Biglare, will do. Limiting the mods to 'track day necessities': brake pads/fluid/lines, camber plates, R compound tires on 18" rims, and harnesses. Lots of clear 3M film (front clip, rockers, rear bumper, mirrors). Plus the aforementioned CSL reps which were previously on my 335i. BMW painstakingly engineered the M3 in the first place, so I don't feel compelled to mess with it any further.
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