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well i have no reason to lie. people ask for opinions and i give mine

my car is my daily so when i was looking for a setup there was no way i was gonna have any drone. i hate drone in a car. i had it once in one of my cars and will never again

so when i say my car has no drone at all it has no drone at all

as you said you haven't heard it in person or drove inside one so how can you say there is no way?? that doesn't make sense

there are others on here with the same Dinan Midpipe and Dinan rear and have no drone at all as well. so maybe were all hearing no drone??

as for the fake tip, well that is a personal taste thing. me i could care less. if i have to have a fake tip instead of a droning car i will take the fake tip. i don't care if smoke is only coming out of one of the tips on each side and someone is wondering why. as there wondering there also saying damn that car sounds sick as i take off when the light turns green

everyone likes different stuff but if i could do it over again and now after hearing alot more systems and driving in them i wouldn't do it any other way.

my car has great power now, has no drone, and sounds amazing

is mine the best?? prob not, i am sure there are others out there that make more power or may be better. but i like my system and that is the only thing that matters. just like if you like yours that is what matters as long as you are happy with what you get

for me that is having no drone which i was able to do and have a catless system

as for the stock system droning well that doesn't really matter bc we are comparing aftermarket ones

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I havent heard the Dinan in person to comment about the sound but there is no way ANY catless exhaust can have no drone.

In fact even the stock exhaust has a slight drone at certain RPM's.

The only negative (in my book and my opinion) is the one fake exhaust tip on the Dinan. That just doesnt do it for me although I know that the reason for it is to reduce drone.
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