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Originally Posted by ericlikescars View Post
Hey guys, just a quick question. Just trying to get a ballpark figure of what some guys are paying for leases on there E92's and E90 M3's. Let me know, thanks!

I didn't start looking for prices on M3's until summer of 09. They wanted $1400/month . Obviously I was not going to pay anywhere near that considering I was paying $859 for the E46 I had at the time, and my boss pays $1400 for his M5. Even when they were down to the last few 09's they weren't coming off of that rate for leasing. I thought all was lost. I even started looking for prices on a Lexus Then I ran some numbers in a new program BMW has called "select finance." You basically finance only a percentage of the MSRP, and at the end of 60 months, there is a residual which you can either pay, finance, or sell the car if you are under mileaged. The good thing about the program is that if you are undermileaged the residual you signed for when you first took the car stays the same, so you will actually have some equity if you can believe that. However if you are overmileaged you will be upside down on the value. I don't have a long commute everyday so I shouldn't have any problem with the mileage. And I got a rate of 0.9% financing. Long story short I have an E92, DCT, Tech Package, 19' wheels, and I'm paying $838/month. I know they are not offering the .9 financing anymore, in fact I think it's 3.9 right now. Not sure about the leasing programs. If the leases still suck, ask about the select financing. It may work out for you. Good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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