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The straw man called. . .

Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Well this is replies to so many it might get messy.

As far as needing 500hp (now?) to "compete" I'd say that is total crap. What now has 500hp in this category. I guess if you like MB you can wait for the 500 hp C63 beast but it will be some serious coin (way more than an M3) and M3 willl almost certainly be a better track car. I agree there is a new hp war but if 426 hp is lame or not insane at all where does that leave the "lowly" E46 M3 (sarcasm)? Also do you think BMW is stupid enough to design a car that can best others for only 6 months. Doubtful.
He wants his argument back. Who said the M3 needs 500 to compete? I'd say that is total crap too, if someone actually said it.

I think BMW committed itself to a drivetrain package for the new M3 years ago, while the E60 M5 was still in development. This was before the hp wars escalated to a point where Audi -- an also-ran for quite a long time -- now has a 421 hp car available that is both agile and fast, and MB has a 460+ hp car on the horizon. I think that when the M3 was in early planning, the planners believed 400-425 hp would far eclipse anything else in the same segment as the M3.

Would you rather have an M3 with 426 hp or 450 hp if all other attributes between the two cars were identical?

I am sounding perhaps more pessimistic than I really feel. I will likely get the new M3 when it comes out, provided price is within reason.