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Originally Posted by andrewabf View Post
do you have a hidden agenda Sam? Ralf and Nate are top performers on this forum and assist members with their time and great service. They should at the very least be able to covert this into a sale at the end, rather the member taking and taking and then reverting to a second rate supplier that didnít have to work for the sale!
No hidden agenda, just stating what is felt. Is that too much to handle? Someone offended? Is this not a discussion forum?

I am saying to buy from IND (did I not?), they are great guys. IND is stateside, we have met in person. IND & shops like them make big purchases easier.

Am I not speaking English? Is there a reason for your sensitivity?

My user-name was changed recently so other vendors don't get bent out of shape. My purpose is to provide information not make the sale, I don't PM people to push sales or anything. If you want to talk, hit me up and I will give you my telephone number