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Originally Posted by Atny286 View Post
Do I understand you bought a new EU radio fr EUR 400?? My dealer told me EUR 2,000 as I needed to old one as well for software updates, so rather than swapping, I needed an additional radio...

Let me know, thanks!

PS: great I started my first sticky on this forum
Hi everyone!
Sorry for the late answer,I was on my way for a few days...
So Atny286,my car was produced 2009. Jan. and I have a CIC system in it...
The CIC computer including the tuner,the hard drive Dvd slot etc...
The price I had to pay for it was 750,and there is refund 1000.If you want to keep the old CIC you have to pay that also...So your dealer was correct about the price...
I was ordered all the parts at first,but afterwards I did not needed any of them....!!! I just paid 400 for the programing.Everything work fine, except the navi,but this is because I have the test version on my hard drive...BMW AG don't give me the 2010 softver version,because they still don't know will be ok whit my car or not...BMW said,I can use the 2009/2 ,because this version don't have any unlock code...(the navi softwer of 2010 have a "freigaben" unlock code,you must order along whit the 3 dvd-s,and that code is coming especially for your vin#)
I planing to take back the car to Austria tommorow.(they will do:-)Installing the navi softwer take about 6!! hours (10gig/hour can be upload to the car)...

Sorry guys,but before I ask them,I can not give any contact info here on this forum....
When I'm back let you know!!

Take care!